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Moxified Consulting Principal, Lisa C. Peterson

Lisa C. Peterson is the founder of Moxified Consulting, a strategic marketing agency with the practical experience and business acumen to help you scale Marketing and achieve your business goals. As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa provides brand development, messaging, customer research, and marketing planning for organizations ranging from small companies to large global conglomerates.

Leveraging Lisa’s 15+ years of experience with organizations including MD Revolution, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, and Scripps Health, Moxified Consulting specializes in serving B2B companies in life science, healthcare, and technology. Lisa is a seasoned marketing executive who’s passionate about helping companies build and scale marketing initiatives by nailing the fundamentals upfront—a unique and differentiated brand, compelling value propositions, and customer-centric messaging.

Lisa has immersed herself in roles spanning marketing strategy and operations, brand management, marketing communications, customer research, and global market development. Before starting Moxified Consulting, Lisa was Vice President of Marketing at MD Revolution, where she developed the fledgling organization’s go-to-market strategy, brand platform, and marketing toolkit for B2B and B2C markets.

Prior to joining MD Revolution, Lisa held various roles in marketing and corporate communications at Thermo Fisher Scientific, formerly Life Technologies. During her tenure there, she was responsible for marketing the company’s $500 million capillary electrophoresis sequencing business, leading an initiative that redefined their 650-person global marketing team, and launching the Life Technologies Foundation to leverage the company’s scientific expertise and funding to advance science education.


Master’s degree in business administration

University of Southern California
Marshall School of Business

Bachelor’s degree in business administration

University of San Diego

Fractional Marketing Leadership

Marketing is a critical lever in growing your business. Knowing where and how to invest your marketing resources can be tricky. Let Moxified Consulting be your fractional Chief Marketing Officer and help you:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your marketing activities to identify critical gaps and opportunities that may be holding your company back.
  • Scale marketing to support company growth with the right mix of internal resources and external partners.
  • Optimize internal processes and clarify roles and responsibilities to enable more effective execution, improve speed-to-market, and foster a more collaborative and rewarding work environment.

Brand Strategy

Your brand’s promise is an expression of what makes you different. It’s a commitment to your customers and a guidepost for business decisions. It has to be real, believable, and unique. With expertise in positioning and brand development, Moxified Consulting will work with you to develop a:

  • Clear and differentiated position to ensure your brand stands out.
  • Brand platform and visual identity that encapsulates your brand’s essence and rallies employees and customers behind it.
  • Plan for activating your brand with internal and external audiences.

Customer Persona Research

More impactful marketing starts with knowing your customers. Even if you’re an established company, customer personas anchor your entire organization around the people who matter most—your customers. Customer personas go beyond demographics to create a representative picture of your customers, including what they care about most, where and how they spend their time, and what compels them to buy. Passionate about connecting companies to their customers, you can rely on Moxified Consulting to provide:

  • Objective, third-party conducted qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Detailed customer personas that will inform and inspire your entire organization.
  • Training on how to put customer personas into action and create a culture of customer-centricity.

Messaging Development

Feel like your messaging is all over the place or maybe nowhere at all? You need a messaging framework to align your organization and guide outbound communications. Investing time upfront to craft compelling messaging helps you win more business and ensures your communications are always on-brand. Count on Moxified Consulting to help you:

  • Identify and communicate what makes your product/service/solution truly unique.
  • Create messaging that is on-brand, relevant, and inspiring.
  • Ready sales with a compelling talk track so they can focus on getting in front of customers instead of worrying about what to say once they get there.
  • Build a messaging playbook that will make creating marketing materials for online and offline channels faster and more affordable.

We get you. We’ve walked in your shoes. Really.

Your boss is asking why the numbers aren’t moving faster, you’ve got a to-do list a mile long, and you haven’t eaten lunch in six weeks. It’s time to offload your to-do list so you can get some white space. At Moxified Consulting, we’re self-starters, initiative-takers, and don’t need a lot of direction to get work going.

You’re hearing grumblings that Marketing spends too much money and you don’t think you have enough budget. We’ve had to justify our existence, educate our bosses (and peers) on the value of marketing, and make tough calls on spend, headcount, and pet projects.

Everyone is a marketer—or so they like to think. We understand that today’s marketing leaders have to be just as responsive to internal stakeholders, board members, and investors as they are to customers.

“N of 1”? Literally, you are the only marketing person in the company. You need a thought partner, someone you can bounce ideas off of, and rely on to help you execute.

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We understand that today’s marketers must balance the demands of internal stakeholders with crafting a marketing strategy that engages customers and produces results.

Moxified Consulting can help you get there.